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The Aroma Project

The Aroma Project

Logo Design



How do you create a logo for a new brand of essential oils without using cliche elements such as leaves and oil drops? That was requested by Ariel, a founder of The Aroma Project, during the first briefing. Once somebody mentions anything related to the herbal or oil-related industry, one will most likely imagine a droplet or a part of a leaf in their head. That’s what we wanted to avoid during the creation of the logo.

The Aroma ProjectThe Aroma ProjectThe Aroma ProjectThe Aroma Project

The Aroma Project is a new company specializing in pure essential oils. Their target market is primarily women aged 25 - 50 who are looking for comfort and ease from daily stress. The company is in the process of developing its brand identity and commissioned White Marker to design a professional logo to represent its values and the core of the brand. The goal of this project was to create a logo that is luxury yet approachable, and feminine while avoiding the cliché of using leaf and droplet imagery.

The main concept of the logo was hidden in the brand's name itself - Aroma is a strong and pleasant smell that comes from plants. We can't see the smell or scent, but we always imagine it as an airflow or wave that surrounds our bodies. We carefully applied these imaginary curves to the lettering logo "AP" to capture the softness and elegance of the brand. The colors were carefully selected to reflect both luxury and approachability.

The Aroma ProjectThe Aroma ProjectThe Aroma ProjectThe Aroma ProjectThe Aroma Project