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Due to the increasing size of the active aging population and the rising demand for physical therapy intervention and programming in medical and rehabilitation settings, there is a need for innovative therapy options. Philips Physical Therapy Solutions (PTS) effectively address these challenges by breaking down barriers to exercise through program versatility, ease of use, and seamless communication of relevant metrics between individuals and their care communities. This comprehensive approach ensures better outcomes for patients by providing effective tracking and monitoring, resulting in improved results and enhanced care.


With the launch of the PTS, there was a need to design, construct, and maintain a website presence for this brand-new division. The official PTS webpages are housed within the Philips Global site, which is built on the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform. However, the prefabricated components offered by the Philips team were quite limited. As a result, our first task was to carefully select components that could potentially meet our requirements and then integrate all the resources seamlessly.

The ReCare series is a comprehensive line of medically certified products specifically tailored for clinical and inpatient rehabilitation purposes. These products are carefully designed to be utilized under strict professional supervision, ensuring maximum safety and efficacy.

The ReActiv series holds a commercial-level certification, with a primary focus on catering to auxiliary medical needs in outpatient care and chronic disease treatment. It is purposefully designed to be seamlessly integrated into active aging facilities, providing a comprehensive solution to enhance healthcare services for older adults.